Mini Documentaries

Need to educate a wider audience, share a teachable moment, or reveal insights from real-life experiences? We work with you to develop your idea in a concise and creative way, and add motion graphic elements that keep your viewers engaged — from 2 minutes, to 30 minutes or longer.

Events and Conferences

Hosting a conference or event? Be sure to capture the action! We will record and edit presentations, and create web-ready clips for easy upload to the Internet. Using motion graphics, music, and artwork, we will deliver professional presentation clips, or a 3-5 minute Buzz Reel to engage future audiences.

Speaker Videos; Training Videos; Demo Reels

Looking to hone your speaking skills and gain more visibility through speaking engagements? Want to educate others on a specific skill set? Let us work with you to put together a reel that emphasizes your strengths and showcases your expertise.

Personal Histories and Memorial Videos

Everyone has a story to tell and a story to share. Capturing those special moments on tape is one way to keep those we love close to us, and always in our hearts.

Home Inventory

Protect your home and possessions with a complete digital inventory of your assets and possessions. Captured from multiple angles with our high-definition cameras and audio descriptions, this inventory will provide you with a permanent record of what you own.

Live Streaming

Grab a large, virtual audience with Live Streaming. Chat in real-time with viewers, and keep the content available post event. We work with small and large venues, single and mulitple cameras, and any size budget.

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